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Searching for traces in ash and dust - Voiceover (EN)

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5 Videos - runtime 84 min.
Course held by Ines Hildur
(NEW! With english voice over)

Searching for traces in ash and dust - an abstract painting using a layering technique by Ines Hildur. Build and destroy, highlight and hide, hold on and let go. These are the principles that will guide you through this course. You will create various textures and color compositions by using a wide variety of materials and applying diverse techniques. The starting point for your piece of art will be a canvas with black bitumen roof paint and a textured layer of ash. These two components create the base coat for your painting. The overall approach in this course is to move from darkness on the canvas to brightness on the canvas.

The steps in this course inspire you to establish an exciting interplay between stagnant and dynamic effects which will primarily be reached by applying layers of liquid mixtures onto the canvas. You will process the developing surfaces even further by using an old grater or a paint brush. The old grater roughens up the surfaces. You move the paint brush in a spraying motion to spread liquid mixtures across the canvas. This randomized yet controlled approach indicates further steps. We will apply sieved marble dust which turns into a fine layer of powdery dust on your artwork. In order to connect the materials on the canvas, you will be exploring the binding and flowing effects of the element water.

By exploring the process of spraying water on some areas, you will experience how some colors of under layers start to become visible once again. The final layer allows you to explore the characteristics of drawing so that your finished painting will tell a personal and unique story.

A multilayered painting will emerge which demonstrates your ability to be brave, to let go and to trust in the process of your creativity.

This course is included in the bundle: 5 paintings in dust technique - Voiceover (EN)

5 / 5

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Ylva Östlund
Highly recommended

So inspiring course!! I can really recommend it!