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Earth tones and expressive texture

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5 Videos - runtime 128 min.
Course held by Alfred Hansl
(with english subtitles)

An expressive non-figurative work with structures and textures is created in this course. From chaos to order - that is probably the best description for this intensive painterly process. You begin courageously to take possession of the canvas. Determine the basic composition with the first brushstrokes. This gives you confidence and helps you to concentrate on the details of this work. They are somewhat hidden, but can be felt. And surprise a viewer.

The structures and textures are created purely with acrylic paint. The hardness of the pasty colour applications in contrast to the soft colour gradients make the picture dynamic and dominate the visual experience. Wet and dry colour applications alternate.


  • Canvas 100 x 100 cm
  • Acrylic Colours Titanium white, Sienna natural, Sienna burnt, Cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium orange medium, Van Dyck brown, Naples yellow, Ivory, 
  • Fixative
  • Car Paint Spray black

The choice of colour is determined beforehand - so the colour contrasts are just right. Light-dark - a rich black from the spray can plays a decisive role here. Liquid colour shakes with weighing of the picture are the conclusion of the first day - with the realization "I am curious how it dries up" - the feeling is needed.

This painting is not only made up of surfaces, but also of many lines of different lengths.

Contours limit surfaces and create spaces. At this point the working method becomes calmer and the brushes become smaller. The elaboration of details plays an important role in this work. Small surfaces, but also lines that emphasize and/or connect the surfaces. Glazing, very thin applications of paint with little paint on the brush, this is how we work in this course. But then again with pasty surfaces in mixed colours. These contrast with the soft tones of the pure areas at the edges of the picture. You should include the edges of the canvas. The flow of the different colour applications...

You should plan two days for this painting. Longer drying times are necessary due to the pasty colour applications. With basic exercises possibly a little more.

In this online course the videos have subtitles. The content has been transcribed by the geistreich team.

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