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5 paintings in dust technique - Voiceover (EN)

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5 paintings - 21 Videos
Runtime more than 6 hours !!!
Course held by Ines Hildur
(NEW! With english voice over)

Ines Hildur from Leipzig in Germany is known for her expressive paintings. Her works tell of the beauty behind things and the search for one's own self. Becoming and passing away is a dominant theme of her multi-layered works. From coal dust, marble powder, champagne chalk and ash, dusted on or watery bound, the artist creates unexpected worlds. Lines caught in forms or flooding the pictorial space freely ... Everything develops playfully and full of lightness.

We have translated five of Ines Hildur's most popular courses into English. The videos are underlaid with voice over, so that her way of working is easy to follow.

Multi-layered paintings will be created that show your ability to be brave, let go, and trust in the process of your creativity.

5 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wonderful Workshop

I loved this workshop! Content was easy to follow, and I was appreciative that this was available in English. I am really hoping there will be more classes (especially those by Ines) with English subtitles or narration! I highly recommend this workshop. Ines is a wonderful artist and teacher.

Maria Pilar Garcia
Magnificient Ines Hildur technique

I like very much Ines and the contents of the course. Materials and techniques are clearly explained. I loved trying these new materials for me. Thanks for enabling translation which makes that Ines can reach more people. Best regards

Rebecca T Wilkner
Fantastic Workshop!

It is one of the most interesting workshops I have come across on the Internet. The voiceover narration was nicely done. The English was neutral, the content was easy to understand, and the instructions were effortless to follow. I enjoyed learning the Painting in Dust technique. The teacher shared her process in a clear, concise way. Each video offers practical tips for using the various dusts in the creation of art. I learned a huge amount. Highly recommended!

Thanks for the great review Rebecca. It makes us happy that our courses are also viewed and appreciated in America.